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Session 3_Morning

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MATN Fall 2010 Institute- Implementation Plan

Session 3/Morning:  IWB’s in the Classroom:  “What is it?” and “What can we do with it?”

Directions:  The presenter of each session will review these questions and capture the discussion.  A facilitator will guide the discussion and a recorder will post the discussion notes on the MATN wiki. If possible, try to indicate what county the response is from by noting it by each of the comments.

There will be two phases to this activity; one will summarize the discussion from each of the sessions and the second phase will maintain an ongoing discussion about how things are working in your district. The format we will use today is an online “exit card” posted on our MATNOnline Wiki:  http://matnonline.pbworks.com/.  So please check back often and contribute your thinking to this ongoing discussion!

Session 3:  IWB’s in the Classroom:  “What is it?”  and “What can we do with it?”

Presenter:  BJ Gallagher     Recorder:  Janneth

Question 1:

What are you already doing that’s working?  What piece of this information is working for you?

Question 2:

What are you going to do to integrate this technology and knowledge into your setting?  What mechanism are you going to use to achieve that goal?


Question 3:

How will you know you have successfully integrated this knowledge and technology?





























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