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Team 2

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Team 2Team 2



Sample Data Response:

  • As an athlete, how do you feel Special Olympics is portrayed in your community?




Sample Statement:  SOMD should continue to focus on and improve the way that SOMD is perceived by the public-  especially in large media venues like commercials, media events


1.  Have special olympic atheletes in more visible positions that could help others understand the positive message of Special Olympics. 

2. Embed more enhanced media to promote Special Olympics.

3.  To advertise Special Olympics, SOMD should provide athletes with promotional clothing. 




Sample Data Response:

·         How often do you get together with your friends?




Sample Statement: SOMD Athletes should make every effort to maintain friendships outside of practice times to contribute to the health of an athlete. 


1. Special Olympic athletes can expand the message of Special Olympics through friendships and participation in outside activities. 


2.  To encourage friendships amoungst fellow athelets show them how to access facebook and tell them about new sports offered.


3.  SOMD should provide athletes with social activities that allow the athletes to build friendships outside of athletic events. 









Sample Data Response:

·        Of which leadership opportunities within Special Olympics are you aware?


Sample Statement:  SOMD should advertise leadership opportunities to current athletes.


1.  Advertise the different leadership opportunities through Summer Games, email reminders, presentations, and county management meetings.






Sample Data Response:

·         How well do you feel your training prepares you for competition?




Sample Statement:  SOMD will provide a venue that athletes are able to contribute input and feedback on improving training for all athletes.


1.  SOMD increase the frequency of training from 1 day/week to 2 days/week.






Sample Data Responses:


·        How well do you feel other Special Olympics athletes show sportsmanship?



Sample Statement:  Every SOMD athlete will take individual responsibility to treat fellow athletes with respect and agree to the SOMD Code of Conduct.



1. SOMD should make every effort to secure that both teams follow the rules and are competing fairly. 


2.Encouraging the coaches at the beginning of  the season to role play winning and losing(particularly for new athletes). 




·         When necessary, Special Olympics Maryland meets my needs in the following areas.


Sample Statement:  SOMD needs to provide greater accessibility to athletes’ physical and cognitive needs for both social and athletic events. 


1. SOMD would provide athletes, accessible large print and picture symbols for training and competitions.





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